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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update 03-18-2020

 CoronaVirus Guidance PDF


I know some of our members have been inundated with incoming emails on the CoronaVirus. The weblinks below are an excellent way for our members to not only follow current information about the CoronaVirus, but crucially information specific to living in Florida. Monday, President Trump discussed the administrations CoronaVirus Guidelines entitled "15 Days to Slow the Spread." This chart is attached to this e-mail and plainly lays out the necessary steps all Americans should take to help contain the spread of the virus. I highly encourage our members to read and heed.

Yesterday,I received the email below from the VA about the virus and the ramifications on using our local VA facilities. Like some of our members, I utilize the services of our local VA facilities here at Lake Baldwin, Lake Nona, and the Crossroads Annex on 436. In the past few days I've been contacted by the VA to let me know my non-emergency appointments have been canceled (and not rescheduled) until further notice. For our members who need non-emergency care from the VA, this email provides important information on the options our veterans have to air their medical concerns without leaving their home.

We have a few chapter members who have self-quarantined due to underlying medical conditions, and are deemed high risk if they come in contact with the virus. I consider myself physically healthy. I live alone and no one is dependent upon me, so I have put the brakes on leaving my home unless it is a true "need." I wanted to let our chapter members know that I am more than willing to make house calls delivering supplies for those folks who either cannot go out, or don't have family or neighbors close by to help them. Please do not hesitate to call or text me and I will provide help where I can (cell) 407-221-1388.

It is clear that for a minimum of the next two weeks to help contain the virus, it is vital to keep ourselves at home. If we must go out, keeping 6' away from others is our best defense from coming into contact with the virus. We are all marching forward with the same Mission - Stay Virus Free!

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.

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